The Four-Faced Liar

Short Stories & Flash Fiction
Ekstasis Editions

The Four-Faced Liar is my second collection of short fiction. Published by Ekstasis Editions, the book contains short stories and flash fiction pieces, some of which have never been seen before and others which have previously appeared in journals and anthologies published in Canada, Northern Ireland, England and the USA. The Four-Faced Liar was released in January 2021 is available at better bookstores. The book can, however, easily be obtained by placing an online order directly with my publisher, Ekstasis Editions. Simply click on this link and you will be taken to an order page showing options for purchasers in Canada, the USA and the rest of the world.

Here is an excerpt from the jacket copy for The Four-Faced Liar:

As is evident in his previous books, P.W. Bridgman’s imagination is curiously nomadic and adventurous. Informed by his family history, his travels and his life experience across three careers, Bridgman dips his writerly ladle into many wells in the course of serving up this latest fictional fare for his readers. These newest stories reflect the cadences and colour of life and spoken language, not only in urban and rural Canada but in Northern Ireland and England as well. At times unsentimentally tender, and at others prickly and discomfiting, the stories in The Four-Faced Liar continue Bridgman’s explorations of love, loss, life, death, redemption and the surprisingly banal, everyday face of evil.