A Lamb

A Lamb front cover
Ekstasis Editions

A Lamb is my first collection of poetry. Comprised mostly of narrative poems, A Lamb was released in September 2018 and is available at better bookstores.  The book can also be ordered directly from my publisher, Ekstasis Editions, by clicking on this link.

Here is an excerpt from the jacket copy for A Lamb:

As was the inimitable Seamus Heaney, so also is P.W. Bridgman concerned with the “sway of language and its furtherings.” The mostly narrative poems gathered together in A Lamb, Bridgman’s first volume of poetry, comprise a diverse assemblage. They speak to the reader in markedly differing voices and accents. They give expression to insights and revelations, large and small. They present fleeting glimpses of splendour and of dread alongside pings of epiphany, incanted and decanted from the poet’s experience and imaginings. Bridgman engages, of course, with the big themes—love and loss, darkness and light, life, death and redemption—but he does so with humour and wit. Expect to find instances of whimsy and beauty in these poems. Be prepared too, though, for moments of crushing darkness and for the occasional withering dismissal of the banal and corrosive “values” which have migrated insidiously from the marketplace and taken hold in the politics and public discourse of our troubled times.