Poem in One Hand Clapping

One Hand Clapping is an extraordinary online and print literary magazine published in the UK. Its editor, Alan Humm (a fine poet himself), has made it the journal’s mandate to publish the work of well-known poets alongside that of those who are less well-known. I am very grateful to Alan for selecting my poem, “A Pie in the Face for the Betrayed”, for an appearance in One Hand Clapping. It’s something of a diatribe about duplicity and mendacity in intimate relationships. You can see it here.

I feel honoured to appear in this journal together with poets I revere very highly, including John Burnside, Louise Glück, Anne Carson, Jo Shapcott, Tess Gallagher, Jamie O’Halloran, Fran Lock, Jane Zwart, Louise Peterkin, Darragh Byrne…

Watch for my poem, Benedizione, to appear in One Hand Clapping in its December 2023 issue.

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