“Your Penance: A Decade in Sales”

Culture Matters is an online journal published in England that is left-leaning, politically, and features socially progressive literary content. I am grateful to its editor, Mike Quille, for agreeing to publish my poem, “Your Penance: A Decade in Sales”—a piece of satire that takes as its target the insidious and worrisome conflation of the values of the marketplace with religious dogma, particularly as it is propounded by politically active evangelical Christians in America. To make my point, I chose in this “found” poem to actually interweave some cringeworthy examples of mercantile hucksterism plucked from sales training manuals of the 1950s with the lines of a well-known religious incantation. This kind of satirical humour is not for everyone. You will quickly divine whether or not it works as a spoof for you if you choose to read it by clicking here.

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