Interview in Derry Now

One rightly approaches social media platforms cautiously and with a degree of trepidation, but the experience for me of stepping onto the Twitter train in March 2022 has been mostly very positive. A recent example proves the point. A tweet about my poem, “There Was Fire in Magherafelt”, recently re-published in the Canadian Journal of Irish Studies, attracted the attention of reporter Liam Tunney of the local Derry newspaper, Derry Now. (Magherafelt is located in South Derry and within the Derry Now catchment area. My poem touches on a sectarian bombing of the Ulsterbus station that took place in Magherafelt in 1993.) An e-mail exchange with Liam ensued, then a Zoom interview, and in a few days a full story was published in Derry Now. (You can read the article here.) My thanks go out to Liam and his editors for their interest and support.

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