Review of Age of the Microwave Dinner

Who can resist a book of poems with a title like Age of the Microwave Dinner?

Colin Hassard’s sense of humour shines brightly through in the title of his first collection, but empathy, doubt, love, anger, kindness and honour are in plentiful supply in this new book, too. It is absolutely brilliant. You can find my assessment of Age of the Microwave Dinner in the Seamus Heaney Centre’s Friday Critique posting by clicking on this link and scrolling down to reach the Hassard review. And, while you’re at it, give a listen to Colin Hassard reciting the marvellous poem that concludes the collection, “Potions and Elixirs” — accompanied by his band, Dirty Words. The poem is a stirring homage to his home city, Belfast: wonderful on the page but transcendent when delivered aloud.

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